8 Best TV Streaming Devices for 2022 (4K, HD): Roku vs. Fire TV vs. Apple TV vs. Google

Most of us stream a majority of our content, if we haven’t completely left the cable. Smart TVs rarely have good interfaces, so owning a separate device will make things a lot easier (more on that at the end of this guide).

We’ve tried them all — you can get options from Roku, Apple, Google, Amazon, and even a cheap brand from Walmart — so you don’t have to go through a whole lot to find out what works for you, and we’ve got each of our favorites separated by what they do best.

Be sure to check out all of our guides, especially for choosing the best Roku, as well as the best TVs, best soundbars, and best smart speakers we’ve seen.

Updated November 2022: We’ve added Google’s cheap Chromecast with Google TV HD and the latest Roku Ultra.

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