20 Best Viral TikTok Gifts We Found, And Love (2022)

“I saw it on TikTok.”

You’ve probably heard someone say that in recent years. Maybe you said it yourself. The popular app started as a platform for creative dance routines, quick skits, and memes, but quickly morphed into a catalog of shopping recommendations. But can you trust a viral TikTok product rave? Or will it turn out to be one of those shoddy products from as-seen-on-TV ads? Don’t worry, the WIRED Gear team is here for you! We found and tested some of the most popular TikTok gadgets to find out if they are both viral- and gift-worthy.

Updated November 2022: We’ve added more items such as the AirPods Max, Shark FlexStyle Drying & Styling System, Windmill AC, and Stanley Tumbler.

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