16 Best Cheap Headphones & Earbuds For $100 Or Less (2022)

The best headphones under $100 are harder to find than you might think. Here at WIRED, part of our job is to listen to music all day long, often on extraordinarily beautiful and insanely expensive models. We’ve got playlists for testing bass, for judging details, for dance parties – we’re all into it. But believe it or not, we like testing the cheap stuff just as much. It’s like a treasure hunt to find those who pack the most tech for the money. And they get better and better every year.

That doesn’t mean our work is done; etailers are still inundated with cheap headphones that sound cheap, so we’ll keep listening and update our picks every few months. While you’re looking for the next great pair, be sure to check out our many other buying guides, including the best wireless headphones, the best wireless workout headphones, and the best phones with a headphone jack.

Updated November 2022. We’ve added the Audio-Technica ATH-M20xBT and JLab Go Air Pop.

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