14 Best Online Mattresses to Buy (2022): Memory Foam, Hybrid, Organic, Latex

There are a few mattresses we tested that don’t stand out as much, but are worth noting, just in case you’re thinking about it.

Keetsa All-Foam Tea Leaf Supreme for $1,590: WIRED reviewer Matt Jancer tested the Keetsa for several months. He’s a side sleeper, and while he was never blown away by the comfort of the mattress, he slept great from start to finish. He didn’t think he would as the mattress is on the soft side. It has three layers of foam and a thin top layer that is made from recycled materials.

The purple mattress for $1,299: I’ve had many good nights sleep on the Purple – and I love the airy, Jell-O-ey, cool feel of the square grid Purple uses for softness and support (it’s like lying on a set of waffles made of soft, stretchy silicone) – but it’s just not as comfortable as hybrid (coil-and-foam) mattresses. There is a hybrid Purple, but it is pricey. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but be aware that purple mattresses are also rather heavy.

Casper standard foam mattress for $1,295: The original Casper mattress popularized the idea of ​​a bed in a box years ago, and it’s still a comfortable full-foam choice at a good price. But the hybrid version with coils is better.

Molecule Hybrid Mattress for $1,899: WIRED reviewer Medea Giordano loves this comfy mattress and has been sleeping on it for months without a problem. While edge support on three sides is fine, it’s almost “non-existent” at the bottom of the bed. She almost fell off when she put on her shoes. You can also feel the coils on the edges of the mattress, although this isn’t a big deal as it’s unnoticeable when you’re actually sleeping.

Leesa Original mattress for $1,099: The standard Leesa is very similar to the Casper, but feels a lot more comfortable.

DreamCloud luxury hybrid mattress for $899: This is another luxury mattress with a thick pillow that is very comfortable, such as the Helix Midnight Luxe and Allswell Supreme.

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